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Security Doors

Security Doors


One of the leading Security Door Service Providers in Penrith, Blue Mountains, and Greater Western Sydney!

Home is where the heart is, and the heart requires to be protected at all times. It takes a lot for you to build a house into a home and the main thing you would need is for your home to be completely secured. Sometimes, security alarms are not adequate in that case. Doors and windows made of weak material are not strongly secured, and grilles that are flimsy are an intruder’s dream come true.

The prime function of installing security doors is the demand for it to offer protection and be a boundary between you and any kind of invader that doesn’t belong in your place. This is why it is important to add a solid layer of protection to your home’s entry so that the investment you do is both effective in serving the goal while adding value to your home. This will also assist you in providing a friendly environment having to not bother about the security of your place, helping you sleep soundly at night.

Riverland’s Security Door Service

At Riverland Blinds, we understand that when it comes to the safety of our clients and their families, there should be no compromise. We install our doors or screens through accurate testing, and they consistently beat industry standards and exceed competitors. We have many competitors, but there is no equivalent.

Thousands Design and Manufacture a wide range of aluminium windows shutters for all types of applications. We provide a comprehensive variety of window systems to fulfil the needs of any private or commercial project and offer the style, flexibility and performance that designers and engineers seem for when defining glazing solutions. Built to the highest Australian Standards, Our Aluminium Windows, and Security Doors are essentially Strong, Sustainable and Lightweight. No matter what type of doors you need to install or how difficult or unique your security door requirements are, we can help in all cases. We provide a full service, using only quality materials designed to maintain the security of your family and premises.

Our variety of profiles is intended to meet and beat the performance standards required in modern building design. They are also aesthetically satisfying, which appeals to people who are looking for a range of design characteristics and functions that allows specifiers to select the aluminium window system that goes perfectly with the design of their project. All our Window Systems are accessible in Awning, Sliding, Casement, Fixed Formats, Double Hung, as well as diverse levels of performance and frame profiles, delivering the configuration. We are also ready to work with specifiers to deliver custom-made design window and glazing solutions for particular projects if needed. We provide a range of standard colours chart to order. These can be single or dual glazed, giving the option to have different requirements.

Safety Doors

At Riverland Blinds, We offer safety doors, and windows use advanced technology to bring you a new standard in home security. Our safety doors and windows have been tested extensively and exceed all relevant Australian Standards. Our security products are specifically designed to provide maximum security, stand the test of time and give you the best value of money.  Know more!

Fly Screens

Our quality fly screens are incredibly easy to use, flexible enough to allow movement while offering durability against pest invasions. You no longer need to bother about ripped or torn screens with our high-quality product. Know more!


Invisi-Gard is the premier brand of stainless steel security doors in Australia.

These fine doors are made from locally-mined steel and use high-end features like their Extreme Grip Protection (EGP) retention system to lock their steel mesh directly into the door frame. With a low rate of corrosion and high-quality steel, an Invisi-Gard door is guaranteed to foil any intruder and enjoy a very long lifespan in your service.


Prowler Proof is proud to be the only Australian manufacturer of welded security screens.

Relying on stainless steel mesh designs like ForceField™, Diamond, Heritage™ and Insect. Since 1984, they’ve produced excellent stainless steel doors from their fully automated factory and are proud to be one of the few companies to offer a 10-year replacement warranty for their products.

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