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What are Panel Blinds?

Liven up your windows with the versatile, modern panel blinds to manage glare, light, view and privacy in residential and commercial installations. The panel blind offers an incredible shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that seems incredible in both modern and traditional settings. It also looks marvellous as a room divider that can be used to significant effect in building new living spaces within a modern house. Panel glides are perfect enhancements for sliding doors or the large windows of contemporary home designs. They give ample light control and privacy, but they run a bit unusual in comparison to vertical and other types of blinds. The panel glides move on channels with the help of an operating rod.

What are Panel TILT?

Panel tilts are a hybrid creation which gives you the light control of a vertical blind and the look of a panel glide. Panel tilts come in a slat size of 250mm with the same usage features and tilt controls as a vertical blind.

What are Panel GLIDE?

Panel blinds are a contemporary and stylish window treatment option that consists of large panels that slide back and forth to provide excellent light control and privacy. They are typically made of fabric and are available in various colours and patterns to match any decor. Panel blinds are a popular choice for large windows, sliding glass doors, and room dividers.

Benefits of Choosing Panel Blinds

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Why Riverland Blinds Panel Blinds?

Riverland Blinds brings fashionable elegance to the house or office with its range of Panel Blinds. Unlike Rollers & Vertical blinds, they allow flat panels of fabric to slide over the window rather than rolling up. These are ideal for doors, large windows, and as room dividers. They can be correlated with matching fabric for Roman Blinds or Vertical, Roller. We will be able to support you with your choice of colours and styles of blinds and shutters to suit your home or business.

Panel Glides for Every Size Window or Doors

Do you have large windows or sliding patio doors? Then Panel Glides are the perfect solutions for you. Suited to both traditional and modern colour schemes, the extensive choice of fabrics means you can mix choose one uniform colour, or create your own exciting feature by mixing colours, patterns and weaves.

Easy to Operate Panel Blinds

While open, the panels slide neatly behind each other, which allow the most amount of light to enter your rooms. Once closed, you have your own fabric screen controlling light and providing privacy. Riverland Blinds offer a comprehensive free on-site design and consultation service. If you work during the daytime, you may wish to take advantage of our after-hours service.

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