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What are Fly Screens?

When it comes to installing window screens, there are many elements you have you take into consideration including the benefits and drawbacks so you can maximise their profits. Flyscreens are made of metal wire, fibreglass, nylon, aluminium or polyester. It can even be developed in a wood frame or metal or rolled into a pocket if it is not in control.

Benefits of Choosing Fly Screens

Why Riverland Blinds’ Fly Screens?

Riverland Blinds are specialised in supplying and installing only the best quality blinds in Penrith, Blue Mountains & Greater Western Sydney. We take great care to deal with the selection of screens from the best brands and manufacturers at highly competitive prices.

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Our fly screens use high-quality aluminium or fibreglass screen that serves a double purpose: to stop the insects and to let in the fresh air. Furthermore, we prefer designs that minimise the width of the screen itself, so that you have an unlimited view of the outdoors without permitting anything from outside get into your home. Convenient for both windows and doorways (being aligned and cut to your order), our fly screens are assured to last for many years, full with warranty support following their installation by our trained team.


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